Online registration

You can use the built-in tool to create your custom registration form, or we can create the registration form for you, which requests all the information you need to collect from the participants.

If the official website for the conference already exists, we simply incorporate the registration form into the existing website without the need to change the design.


Online registration management

Event management software offers

  • the editing, updating and deleting of registrations
  • the editing and updating of abstracts
  • the managing of registration payments
  • the managing of accommodation, transport and organized excursions
  • the generation of automatic event reminders for the conference organization team
  • the generation of automatic e-mail reminders for the participants


Online word editor

The abstracts for the Event management software are submitted online through a user-friendly online editor that enables the participants to create and edit their abstracts with all the functionality of a regular text editor, i.e., formatting the text, inserting symbols, inserting formulas, etc.

This kind of realization avoids any incompatibility between regionally dependent text characters, such as Asian or Arabic characters.

Active events

Finished events